SupaBet Zambia Review

| 09.11.2020
SupaBet Zambia Review

SupaBet Zambia Review

Zambia is home to many entertainment lovers who rely on their passion for various sports as a way of relaxing after the day’s work. One of the major ways through which Zambians do this is by wagering bets on their favorite sports. Sports betting is a huge market in the country, with many bookmakers and sportsbooks available to choose from. In this article, we take a look at SupaBet Zambia, one of the more popular bookmakers in the country, and whether or not they are worth trusting with your fun and money.

SupaBet zambia review

Who Is Supabet Zambia?

Supabets Zambia is an African betting company owned by Portapa. Although the parent company is headquartered in South Africa, Supabet operates in several countries on the continent, including Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, DRC Congo, Ghana, and Uganda. Each of these countries has their own personalized Supabets website and physical betting outlets to ease the stress of placing bets. This is in line with the company’s goal of becoming a major player in the African sports betting industry.

Supabets Zambia operates under the Gauteng Gambling Board's license, and intending bettors must be 18 years of age and above to play. Like most modern-day bookmakers, the company has a huge online presence despite having only come on board in 2008. Thus, the website offers punters the opportunity to wager on live matches and also place pre-match bets. In addition to this, new users can also register online without having to visit a betting shop.

Supabet Zambia is majorly into football betting due to its popularity in the country. Football is one of the most loved sports in Africa, particularly in Zambia. The bookmaker is more than aware of this fact. As a result, users and customers of Supabet Zambia are offered the opportunity to place bets on the biggest football leagues across various continents, including the German Bundesliga, Korean Football League, the English Premier League, Portuguese league, and other local African football leagues. Its customers are also treated to electronic leagues and team esports, which are entertaining and offer Zambians huge chances of winning big. 

Asides from betting on football, the Supabet Zambia website also offers its users the chance to place bets on other vibrant sports like basketball, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, volleyball, baseball, and many others. It’s also tailored to suit the needs of Zambians and other African nations by offering them a chance to bet on their respective national leagues like the Egyptian Premier League, the Cameroonian league, and Rwandan Cup. Supabet allows its customers to choose from a wide array of entertaining casino games such as the Lucky Slot and Tribal Mask. Punters and other Supabet visitors can also check the latest scores of any live match right on the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Supabet Zambia

After going through the introductory aspects of the company and the services they render, it’s necessary to look into some of the other questions that frequent the minds of sports bettors when visiting a bookmaker.

How To Open An Account With Supabet Zambia

Registering and opening an account with Supabet Zambia is easy and straightforward. The registration can be done online and doesn’t require visiting a betting shop. All the new customer needs is an internet connection and his mobile phone number. After registering on the website, an activation code is sent to the user’s phone number to finish the whole process.

Does Supabet Zambia Offer Bonuses?

Yes, they do! Supabet Zambia treats new customers to a 50% welcome bonus of up to K2000 kwacha. New and old customers can also partake in the multi-bet bonus, ranging from 3% to a whopping 100%. To access this bonus feature, users need to wager on a multi bet with at least two events and a maximum of 36 events for the 3% bonus. For multi bets of 36 events and above, Supabet Zambia customers receive a 100% bonus on their winnings.

How To Make Deposits And Withdrawals On Supabet

One of the major determinants of a bookmaker’s success is how relatable it is to its users, particularly on the deposits and withdrawals scoresheets. This is particularly so in Zambia. Most online bookmakers don’t accept deposits in the local currency even though punters may wager bets in them.

In this regard, Supabets Zambia lives up to its billing as an African bookmaker by allowing Zambians to make deposits and also place bets in the local currency. The website offers several deposits and withdrawals to its Zambian users, including PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, and Easypay. Customers can also be assured of immediate processing of payments through the Opera powered payment platform.

Does Supabet Zambia Have A Mobile Application?

Most bookies have a mobile application in this digital age to keep their users connected on the go. Supabet is no different as users can download their mobile application from the Supabet Zambia website. However, the application is only compatible with android devices, with no provision for iOS users. 

Pros & Cons Of Supabet Zambia

In this section, we look at the major selling points that make Supabet attractive and areas in which the bookmaker needs to improve its service.


● Supabet allows Zambians to make deposits in the local currency through various trusted channels.

● Users are treated to a host of African national football leagues and other sports.

● Effective bonus system

● Supabet offers mouth-watering odds and a chance to bet on live games.

● Live updates and scorelines of ongoing matches

● Customers can search the Supabet website instead of having to scroll through leagues and countries.

The following are areas in which we think the website needs to work on;

● Supabet doesn’t allow customers to make deposits through bank transfers.

● The Supabet website doesn’t work on mobile phones and can only be accessed on a computer.

● The mobile application is only available on the Android platform.

● Casino games are limited compared to other bookmakers in the country.


In conclusion, Supabet Zambia is an indigenous bookmaker that offers services that are primarily tailored to the Zambian sports betting site's gaming and entertainment needs. While they still need to work in some areas, they are by far reputable. This is underscored by their presence in several African countries. 

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