Zambia Prediction Sites: A Review Of Statarea

| 03.11.2020
Zambia Prediction Sites: A Review Of Statarea

Zambia Prediction Sites: A Review Of Statarea

When it comes to sports betting, every information and update is important to place a winning bet. This is why most Zambian punters look to sports prediction websites for guidance when picking their betslips and accumulators. Given the importance of sports prediction sites in sports betting, it’s essential to consider a prediction website's pros and cons before deciding to bank with them. In this article, we look at Statarea - one of the popular sports prediction sites in Zambia - its calculation process, available sports, and of course, its advantages and shortcomings.

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What Is Statarea And How Does It Work?

Statarea is a football prediction website that allows its users to make their predictions on football matches. That is, Statarea users vote on the website to determine the prediction of the outcome of a football match. In essence, the available predictions on the website are the results of Statarea users' votes as opposed to being results of calculated data and other match factors.

Predictions on the outcome of an event are the opinions and votes of the majority of Statarea users. All users can log in to their Statarea account and vote on select markets or predictions of a match, including overs, wins, draws, and others. You can also vote on event outcomes without logging in. The predictions made by users are displayed opposite each fixture in percentages so you can check how popular your intended tips are.

The whole point of Statarea is to give users an idea of how popular their bet is. For instance, if you are contemplating a ‘both teams to score’ selection in an Arsenal v Man City fixture, you can visit Statarea to check other football bettors' opinions on the likelihood of both teams scoring. This can help reassure bettors that other punters think their picks are worth the stake. It also helps determine the possibility of winning and a more evident mindset when selecting events to wager upon.

What Sports Are Available On Statarea?

Most popular sports prediction sites, as the name imply, provide their users with valuable tips and predictions across various sporting events and countries. This is an essential feature as it allows sports bettors to mix their favorite games and wager on them accumulatively. While football is arguably the most famous sport on the planet, there are many other sports like boxing, basketball, horse racing, and tennis with huge sports followership. A fully-fledged sports prediction website is thus expected to provide predictions on multiple sports and leagues.

However, some sports prediction websites are centered towards just one sport; one such site is Statarea. The predictions available on the website are limited to footballing events only. While this may be discouraging to basketball and tennis fans, it’s worth noting that Statarea provides its users and subscribers with predictions for footballing events across the major leagues and countries worldwide. Users are also treated to predictions on top football tournaments and leagues at the club and international levels, including the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga and the Europa League and English Championship.

Although the website is dedicated to providing users with football predictions only, football lovers can rest assured that their prediction needs will be well catered for regardless of the country, league, or division they are looking to wager on. In addition to providing football predictions, Statarea also offers access to match statistics and other relevant information like past meetings and head to head clashes to ensure users make an informed choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Statarea?

All football prediction websites have peculiar characteristics that make them appealing to bettors and punters in Zambia. In this section, we examine some of the selling points and features of Statarea that make it such a popular prediction site among football bettors in Zambia.

● Statarea provides information and statistics on a wide range of football events irrespective of country or league.

● Users are treated to the top 10 most popular predictions.

● The website allows you to check how popular your predictions are through a voting process available to users.

● It also provides viewing information and schedules for televised matches, so you know where to catch up with your favorite sports.

● Statarea helps punters have a realistic view of the outcomes of their predictions by displaying a percentage probability next to each prediction.

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Disadvantages Of Using Statarea

Just as humans have character flaws, so do our creations. It’s in this light that we consider the shortfalls of Statarea and the disadvantages sports bettors might want to watch out for when checking their predictions.

● Statarea predictions are calculated through a ‘democratic’ process that involves users casting voting. This means that the projections are more or less a representation of what most punters believe an event outcome will be

● The predictions provided on the statarea website are limited to footballing events alone. Thus, bettors looking for information on other popular leagues and sports like the NBA and Tennis Masters have to find information elsewhere.

● Statarea predictions are not calculated with any computer algorithm or mathematical process that helps reduce the margin for error. Instead, they are based on punters' opinions, which are always subject to emotions rather than actual calculated data.

● There is also no way to filter user votes. Some may make votes or tips without conducting any research or reference the statistics and relevant information surrounding each fixture.


While Statarea seeks to provide its users with statistics and match data for each fixture, it also shows them the opinions and votes of other visitors and subscribers. However, users need to know that they are consulting predictions and tips that have a high accuracy rating instead of recommendations decided by user votes.

Thus, it’s our position that sports bettors should consult sports prediction websites that use computer algorithms and mathematical solutions to calculate their predictions as they reduce the margin for human error and aren’t subject to emotions. The primary reason sports bettors use prediction websites is to gain a vital edge in their quest against the bookies. Viewing the opinions of other punters may not be a good bedrock in the grand scheme of things.

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