GalSport Zambia Review

| 28.10.2020
GalSport Zambia Review

Sport betting sites are of increasing value and prominence in the life of Zambians. This is not separable from the undying love for sports that is found among Zambians. In light of this, today’s article takes a look at GalSport Zambia and it’s popular check tickets feature. The check tickets feature allows users to check live results and updates of their stakes and other bet slips and tickets, which they fancy. This saves you time checking the scoreline for each game individually and manually selecting competitions in your betslip. Read on for a more in-depth analysis of GalSport Zambia, registration process, and other relevant features.

What Is GalSport Zambia?

GalSport Zambia is a betting company owned by Gal Sport Betting, a betting house with a massive Africa presence. While the company operates across 3 countries on the continent, its biggest market is in Zambia. The company employs over 600 people and has numerous customers. 

Asides from the opportunity to bet on their regular sporting events, GalSport users are also allowed to play Casino games, Poker, and Bingo games. In addition to this, the site also offers a wide range of deposit and payment options to ensure inclusivity.

What makes up a good sports betting website is more than just the games it offers. It also includes accessibility, user interface, mobile applications, ease of navigation, and lots more. We shall now consider GalSport Zambia on each of these fronts.

The GalSport Zambia Website

If you’re looking for a straightforward sports betting website, then look no further than GalSport. The website is easy to use and presents you with links to all you can think of, right from the home page. It also has an exemplary user interface and allows users to easily switch between sports and markets. Gulfport offers betting opportunities on a wide range of sports ranging from boxing to handball, tennis, and of course, football, allowing you to combine markets and stake on live games for a blissful betting experience.

GalSport betting home page screenshot

Users can also access options to check their betslips and tickets on the home page's right side. The betslip automatically updates as the user selects odds for each game. In addition to this, the home page features active links containing detailed information on how to deposit into and withdraw funds from your GalSport account. The website also features a live chatbot that allows you to contact customer service for assistance 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions About GalSport Zambia

Above knowing the main features of a sports betting site, users want to know how seamless and trustworthy a site is before banking with them. As such, we’ve collated some of the questions that usually feature on the minds of bettors when checking out a sports betting website.

How Do I Register on GalSport Zambia? 

Opening an account with Galsport Zambia is just as easy as it is on other sports betting websites. All you need is a valid email address and phone number and your name and date of birth. This is to ensure compliance with the betting rules and regulations in Zambia. Upon signing up, GalSport offers you a 50% deposit bonus of up to K1,000. This bonus must be wagered thrice before it can be withdrawn.

Galsport betting registration process

How Do I Deposit On GalSport Zambia?

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your GalSport account is a very seamless and straightforward process. GalSport allows you to deposit funds into your betting account through bank transfers, Skrill payments, as well as through other local and international payment schemes. These payment methods are all free, as there is no charge on deposits.

GalSport account holders can also make instant deposits to their betting accounts from their MTN and Airtel lines. This has proven to be a popular feature as most Zambians use the telecommunication networks to make deposits. Each of these payment procedures can also be used to make instant withdrawals.

How to deposit in Galsport Betting

Does GalSport Zambia Have A Mobile App?

One of the major effects of the proliferation of technology and smartphones is that users can do things online from behind their mobile phones instead of needing a computer. As a result, most online companies and betting houses now have mobile applications to enable their users to bet on the go.

However, not all have jumped on this bandwagon. GalSport Zambia doesn’t have a mobile application at the moment, and its users have to make use of the mobile version of its usual website. The mobile version is a total overhaul of the usual website’s design, featuring a darker theme and tailored compatibility with mobile phones with the smallest of screens. It also contains everything the traditional website does, meaning you don’t have to worry about limited options.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of GalSport Zambia

Now that we’ve itemized the features of the GalSport Zambia websites, it’s time to look at their selling points and areas in which we feel they can do better. Some of the features that separate GalSport from its contemporaries include the following;

  • Dedicated mobile website
  • Variety of deposit and withdrawal options
  • Check tickets and betslip features
  • Opportunity to bet on live games with detailed stats and information
  • offers multiple markets across various sports
  • Accessible and easy to navigate website
  • Allows its users to bet on Jackpot games and make Keno predictions
  • Customer support live chat feature
  • Low data consumption rates

On the other hand, some of the pitfalls of the GalSport betting experience which need to be improved upon include;

  • Lack of a mobile application
  • GalSport’s odds are usually lower than those on other betting websites
  • Accessing the customer support feature on the mobile site isn’t as straightforward as on a computer, which limits the usefulness of the live chat feature


In conclusion, GalSport is a good sports betting company with wonderful and easy to use the website. However, much work needs to be done in the areas of odds offered and the lack of a mobile application.

Barring these two issues, the website's general experience - both on computers and mobile devices - is generally pleasing with a smooth interface and wonderful user experience.

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