Betpawa App Review

| 11.10.2020
Betpawa App Review

Betpawa Zambia App Review

A major determinant of a punter’s success or otherwise is the bookmaker he employs. It can be really frustrating if your chosen bookmaker has limited game selections or event options. This can cause you to miss out on wonderful betting options and limit your gambling experience. For this reason, punters and sports bettors in Zambia are always on the lookout not just for the bookmakers with the best odds, but also with varieties of options and seamless user experience. This article takes a look at Betpawa Zambia, its mobile app, and how user friendly it is.

betpawa app

Betpawa is one of the leading bookmakers in Zambia and is by no means separated from the digital age. Due to the popularity of smartphones and the internet, gone are the days where you have to go to a betting shop before placing bets or receiving your funds. Now, you can place multiple bets, cashout, and request withdrawals from the comfort of your phone. Most bookmakers have made the switch to online gaming, and Betpawa Zambia is no different. 

The Betpawa Zambia app was launched recently as has been done in other countries like Nigeria and Uganda, to improve user experience. Prior to the launch, mobile users could only access Betpawa through the mobile site, which was even more established than the desktop site. Betpawa Zambia has domesticated the website's features and packaged a user-friendly app for its teeming users.

Where Can I Download The Betpawa App In Zambia?

The Betpawa app can be downloaded via the Betpawa Zambia website. This may be due to the fact that in some countries, betting apps are not allowed in the app store. More importantly, the Betpawa app should only be downloaded via the bookmaker’s site to prevent the download of app imitations made by scammers looking to deprive Zambians of their money through illicit means. The link to download the app can be found on the Betpawa Zambia Facebook page and is also available on the official site here. The Betpawa is only 2.5MB in size and takes up just a little amount of your smartphone’s storage space.

How Useful Is The Betpawa Zambia App?

If you’re used to using the Betpawa Zambia site to place bets, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The Betpawa Zambia app incorporates all the significant functions and services available on the website into the mobile application. Given that the website was first built on the mobile platform, the transition is a seamless one, allowing punters the opportunity to place bets across different sports, leagues, and country divisions. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made on the Betpawa mobile application.

betpawa app

In addition to these, there is a special feature called the “auto-login”. This feature does away with the need to sign every time you log on to the Betpawa platform. Once turned on, you only need to sign in to the app immediately after installation, helping you to [place your bets even faster than on the website. Future logins are automated and secure. The app also offers a notifications feature. This feature helps keep you abreast of the latest special offers, bonuses, and promos available to Betpawa users in Zambia. 

In perhaps what is the most striking feature of the application, it uses less data than the actual website. Meaning you no longer have to worry about huge data consumptions while surfing through your favorite bets. The Betpawa Zambia app also mirrors the mobile site by offering the opportunity to place bets on virtual games, which carry many odds and huge winnings.

Is The Betpawa Zambia Mobile App User-Friendly?

No matter the size of the odds that a bookmaker offers, major recourse must be had to how easy it is to navigate the website or mobile application. There is no use having big odds if the accessibility rating of your betting platform is low. Sports bettors are more likely to use a bookmaker who has lower odds if the website and mobile application prove more accessible and user friendly. This is why sports betting sites and bookmakers always look to give their customers a seamless experience on both web and mobile platforms. 

betpawa app

Similarly, Betpawa Zambia’s mobile application offers users a smooth experience to navigate and select games and events across various countries with ease. This is a striking feature of the app. It enables Betpawa users and customers to place bets and access their funds comfortably. The application also supports the casino games offered by Betpawa, making it a two in one combo. 

Are There Any Concerns About The BetPawa Zambia App?

Presently, the Betpawa Zambia app is only available on the android platform. As a result, iOS users are unable to download and make use of the mobile application. This is because the application is not available in the iOS app store. The system doesn’t allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources, unlike the android counterpart. Nevertheless, iOS users in Zambia can still use Betpawa through the mobile website, which offers a similar function and service as the mobile application. 

Another concern about the Betpawa mobile app is that it’s only available on smartphones running Android 4.4 and above. While this is not uncommon with many mobile applications, there are usually versions of the application compatible with older versions of android smartphones. This exclusivity leaves out Zambians whose smartphones run on Android systems older than the 4.4 version. Just as with their iOS counterparts, Zambians who fall into this category will have to use the Betpawa mobile website to stake in their favorite sports. 


In conclusion, the Betpawa Zambia application is easy to use and relatable version of the Betpawa website. The user interface makes depositing and withdrawing funds a piece of cake for customers. Placing bets on the mobile app is even faster than it is on the mobile website. This gives the Betpawa app a huge pass on our review.

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