MTN Fan Football Zambia Review, Tips, and Tricks

| 23.09.2020
MTN Fan Football Zambia Review, Tips, and Tricks

MTN Fan Football Zambia Review, Tips, and Tricks.

When supporting any football match, what is your much-loved priority? To make money and win more games, Right? One of the most effective ways to realize this is using AI and predictive analytics, which provides any football fanatic a competitive edge in any football match. As a result, by playing MTN fantasy Football- “an exciting football service that enables users to coach a team of their creation, compete in soccer leagues, and earn points based on how their teams perform in the real world”. Besides, you will be in a position to make some bucks as you sharpen your coaching skills.

A little About MTN Fan Football

MTNfanfootball is “a service that enables you to create and coach a virtual football team of eleven and compete against other groups created by other users”. There are three simple ways to access the service:

1. Going to the play store and downloading the MTNfanfootball App

MTN Football Download App

2. Visit

MTN Football Website

3. Alternatively, you can dial *665# and choose the subscription pack of your choice.

Besides, the services are accessible at affordable rates; See the rates below;

MTN Football

What is fascinating is the proven fact that you do not need data to navigate around the MTNfanfootball app; the utilization of the portal and app is free. The highly competitive nature of football matches instills a crazy frenzy in teams to form efforts to win in each game.

What Others Say About the App

What MTNfanfootball gives you accessibility to a complete footballing world, the latest news, fixtures, and prediction games and results. However, you are to work with what the app offers. This way, you will be able to sharpen your coaching skills based on different match set up. The review below by one of the users puts it the importance of artificial intelligence and the use of creative thinking at any one point.

MTN Football Review

What are the Tips and Tricks of Using the MTNfanfootball site?

Are you a veteran or a newbie in the fantasy football arena? Either way, you must have run across several online platforms such as the MTNfanfootball site. To fully maximize your moves, it’s of paramount importance at the start of each season to stay on top of transfers and substitutions always. However, what doesn’t come naturally is understanding the technicality of playing wisely to winning the game. As the transfer market gets saturated, and even before you take note of it, you may be scouring the squads of newly promoted teams against the opportunity cost of the best-value bench fillers.

So, while still in good standing, it is helpful as well if you read these amazing tips.

  • Before the season’s premier, get conversant with the composition of the league. Critically analyses them as you categorize their strength and position them in their best position to maximize your points.
  • Do your research. Get into depth and understand who has been playing regularly in pre-season, struggling with injury, and which youngsters have risen into the first-team squad.
  • Invest quality time before each game week as you decide how to rotate players in your team depending on their opponents, transfer injured and out of form players, and get hold of purple patch players before their values skyrockets.
  • It is worth waiting until the last few rounds of your draft period before taking a kicker or a defense. Although there is highly unpredictability about the kickers, you can swap them each week, depending on matchups, with defenses. Using
  • probability ensures that you seek defenses with the best chances to stifle a shuttering offense each week.
  • Critically look into the upcoming fixtures and evaluate the best way possible on how the teams with easy and challenging games have been affected and how many points the players in your squads bring.
  • The area you need to be cautious when setting up is the running back. Take priority in the first few rounds to plug up all running back spots and later draft depths at the position.
  • Be cautious and never overinvest in the new signings. One challenge with new signings often at the start of the season, there may be slight friction before they blend with the new team. If possible, consider them around mid-season.
  • Trust your guts. Understand your risk appetite and gamble with it for gainful and huge returns. Besides, ensure you buy many full-backs as these players go for less but sometimes assist in other goals and points if you are lucky.

Check out the MTN football site here to explore further.

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