Five Places You Can Count On To Provide You With Zambian Sports News

| 02.09.2020
Five Places You Can Count On To Provide You With Zambian Sports News

TOP 5 Sources for Zambian Sports News, Including Football

Even with the pandemic, Zambians love their sports, especially football. Now that sporting events are getting back on track, the countrymen have been glued to their televisions or have found the best sports streaming sites that enable them to keep track of significant events, both inside and outside the country.

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Many are looking to place wagers on these events. Of course, the odds of winning on that wager greatly improve when the one who is betting has the latest information regarding the event. provides excellent analysis and information, but gamblers also want to learn about outcomes and get additional information for future events. This is where having access to a dependable source for sports information, especially Zambian football news, is essential. Here are five sites where you can get that kind of information.

1. Screenshot Homepage provides outstanding information about a number of major professional and amateur sports within the country. This includes Olympic Committee news, information from the Zambian amateur swimming union, the basketball Association, even the badminton Association. You can even gain great news and information about judo, motorsports, and Paralympics.

The website not only acts as a source of sports information but education as well. News information, travel, and tourism, even Christian based news are provided on the site. It also provides important health information.
Of course, it is making its mark by providing excellent sporting news for those inside Zambia. This may be the most comprehensive site for amateur and lower-level professional sporting news in Zambia. The site is definitely providing some information you would be hard-pressed to find other places.

2. ZamFoot screenshot homepage

Want the latest news on Zambian football? Then you may want to take a look at ZamFoot. This is a unique website in that t much of the information that is provided comes from fans. It is people who are devout followers of the sport, who could tell you as much about Zambian football as any journalist, maybe even more than some managers and coaches.

This site is the largest online publication dedicated totally and exclusively to Zambian football. Not only will you find the latest Zambian football news on teams, players, and the leagues, but fans share their thoughts and insights, as well as tips and analysis.
The site was created to promote football in Zambia. By opening the forum for fans to share their insights and knowledge, it has quickly grown in popularity. It has become a great source of information for those looking to place a wager on contests. While it may seem surprising, fans sometimes have a deeper insight into what is going on than football experts. It is worth spending some time reviewing the information provided.

3. Futaa

Futaa Zambia screenshot

Futaa not only provides you with the latest news on Zambian football but expands to provide news and information about football across the continent and across the globe.
You can find the latest news about the Zambia Premier League, South African Premier League, the Africa Cup, and African football news in general in an easy to follow format. Learn about outcomes from friendlies, as well as league matches.
Records, stats, standings, and even some additional betting information are provided. The site covers seven major football leagues and is a great source for information, especially related to the outcome of matches. You can also find player features, coaching news, and even business information related to the teams.

4. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV Zambia Screenshot

If you are simply looking for a great source of facts and stats, Live Soccer TV may be exactly what you’re looking for. This is not only one of the best live streaming services in Zambia, providing feeds of matches and league competitions and live streaming the Zambia National Football Team, but this is a great place to find a lot of numbers and league information.

You can easily click through the navigation system to find the latest scores from matches, information about teams, including their most recent results, and information about all football events across the globe. You can find which players are leading leagues in scoring, who is hot, and what teams may be on the bubble.

The site also provides some outstanding news from different sources across the globe. You can find out which players may be transferred from India to play in Zambia or see which team to beat in the African leagues. There is a large amount of analysis and discussion that can help you get the information you need to place the wager's right kind.
Best of all, Live Soccer TV is available on your phone or other smart device using their app. It is available both on iPhone and Android.

5. Zambia24

Zambia24 Homepage Screenshot

Zambia24 is a new site in general, but they have a special sporting section that will give you all of the latest football news and news regarding other sports. Much like Futaa, the site provides information chronologically, allowing you to review the most recent stories.

The one drawback to the site is that there is very little information regarding league standings, stats, and betting odds. This is a straight news site, meaning they are providing game recaps, information on deals and trades, and coaching and other news surrounding the league and its teams.

Again, it is not nearly as comprehensive as some of the others. If you are looking for stats, for example, you will have to turn to other sites. However, there is good information here that is valuable. It’s a new site and should get better the longer it is running.

For Zambian football news and other sports news in the country, these are the sites you want to turn to. They provide you with the right kind of information you need to know, and you can be sure you are getting news related to Zambia’s sports.

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