How And When To Use Betting Insurance: Insurance Betting Explained

| 26.07.2020
How And When To Use Betting Insurance: Insurance Betting Explained

How And When To Use Betting Insurance: Insurance Betting Explained

If you have been following the trends in the betting community, you have probably heard from experienced bettors the term' bet insurance.' You can ensure a bet in either of these three scenarios.

Firstly, while it is common to have strategies pre-match to guide the way you place your bet, it occasionally happens that before the start of the match, new information pops up, changing the direction the game takes.

In the second instance, bet insurance is crucial when the bettor begins to watch the match they had previously bet on and see potential problems that stand to affect the outcomes of the game. Some factors and tendencies noticed in a live event can look threatening for passing a bet. So the question that comes up is, is it worth not doing anything and surrender to fate? Or is there anything you can do to salvage the situation by minimizing losses? Of course, any reasonable player would choose to have the option to reduce losses.

The third scenario is when there is a more positive color. When the team that you bet on confidently fulfills the plan and leads the score but, you can intervene and secure yourself from the opponent's potential comeback.
Since betting is a game of chances, insurance betting can improve your chances when you place your bets. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about insurance betting to continue to bet like a pro.

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Here are the Top 7 insurance betting types you should consider:

1. Injury Time

The game has been going on well; your team is leading by a slight margin. You are almost hanging on a thread. Then the referee blows the whistle to continue the match for another 4 minutes. You are holding your breath, closing your eyes, waiting for the ultimate final whistle. Relax. Injury time insurance is there to protect you in such a situation. If a goal in 90+ minutes stands to ruin your pre-match bet on results, you stand to get a refund for your losing stake.
However, different bookies have different offers around injury time insurance. Ensure that you check with the specific bookies to learn what is on offer. Some of the things you can look out for include:

2. Minimum odds insurance

Some bookies will stipulate the minimum deposits required to ensure your bet. Some of these minimum deposits may also apply only as special offers and campaigns during specific matches or leagues such as the EPL. Watch out for maximum deposit limitations that stipulate the maximum amount you can wager and qualify for insurance.

3. Specific games

Here, look out which matches or leagues from the bookmarker are applicable for injury time insurance. While this might be limiting, it is essential to note that some significant leagues and competitions often have this type of insurance.

4. No score

If the game goes into either half time, full time, or final results, there is no goal, no need to worry. No score insurance comes in to protect your bet through to the final results, half time, or even full time. This type of insurance is often available for more extended period bets such as betting throughout the League's time.

5. Live-betting

Live-betting is gaining popularity. People live for the thrill of it. But when you bet is on the line, the game might not be that entertaining. Live-betting insurance gives you the power to determine the direction you want to take, depending on how it is proceeding. Not all bookies offer this, so please check out with the bookmarker before-hand.

6. Accumulator Insurance

Also known as Acca Insurance, is perhaps the most strategic move that a punter can take. Accumulator bets are high stake; you stand to win huge or go home dry. Insurance in Acca bets allows you to either get a partial or full refund on your stakes if one of your chances for the matches goes south.

7. Combo Insurance

Combination bets are almost similar to accumulator bets because they consist of multiple bets on a series of selections. Usually, the stake is the same across the chances. It is a high stake bet, and that is why insurance comes in handy. The insurance helps you get your stake back if you lose any of the matches in the series. Often, the betting sites refund the stakes in the form of free bets. Check out from the bookmaker on what you will get at the end of the day.

While in itself, insurance is a gamble, it is interesting to see all the advancements in insurance in the betting world. Perhaps it is right to say, once a gambler, always a gambler. You can help but want to win. The game of probability is what you like. However, with insurance, you are securing the prospects. But what is betting for it, if you cannot enjoy it? Many bookies offer this option, so don't hesitate to increase your betting odds on the bet.

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As you can see, betting insurance increases your options. All the above options should be in your arsenal. However, just like in other parts of life, insurance terms and conditions can be confusing. You must read the fine print as you consider any betting insurance. You must approach each game thoughtfully.

Indeed, panic is not helpful at any time. And that is why prediction sites come in handy. With the advancement in technology, prediction sites give results and tips that are more accurate., for example, uses a robust algorithm and big data analysis in their predictions, yielding about 85% success rates.

The site is free for punters to use and choose from all major football leagues and games across the globe. If you are looking to make the best out your betting, check out such predictions sites like and look out for bookies that have the best options for betting insurance like 1XBetPremier Bet and Betway

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