4 Best Football Betting Strategies Explained

| 26.07.2020
4 Best Football Betting Strategies Explained

What Are the Best Strategies for Football Betting?

There are many betting strategies that you can always try your luck on based on the site on which you place your bets. All these strategies require you to understand the game and the teams involved. There is a need to decide clearly on which teams to back for the win and the ones to consider underdogs for the match.

Here are some of the best strategies that you can bank on for your next big football betting wins.

1. Double Chance

double chance betting

Are you a risk-averse bettor who wants to spread his or her risks? Do the double chance today. The double chance is where you bet ion a couple of probabilities, which may be the game's outcome. For instance, someone may bet on a football match as coming out draw or a win for a particular team.
The benefit of this strategy is that it assists you in spreading your risk and ensuring that you have an additional chance to win the bet. On the other hand, this bet has a disadvantage since it will not be valid if the team loses.

2. Handicap Betting Strategy

 handicap betting expert

Handicap is a strategy of betting where you boost the odds by ensuring that the team on which you bet has a high potential of winning with a significant margin. In this case, you will be forced to give an advantage to the team that you feel is an underdog in the match.

For instance, if it is a football match, you can give a one, two, or three goals advantage to the perceived weaker team and still bet on the opponent to win the match at 90 minutes.
The advantage of this strategy is that it boosts your odds and ensures that you win with big odds compared to the odds of a straight win. The other advantage is that it allows you to have confidence in your bets and assurance that the bet will be okay.

However, you should also expect some drawbacks with this bet: it adds the risks of losing the bet. In most cases, big or more muscular teams have had the chance to win with a significant margin, but this has never happened. Therefore, giving a weaker team an advantage means adding risks to the already existing risks hence narrowing down your winning chances.

3. Half Time Full-Time Bets

This is a betting strategy where you predict the game or match outcome at both halves of play. That is to say, you will predict the first half outcome and combines it with the second half outcome. This betting strategy has been embraced or is advantageous for its ability to boost the odds for winning; that is, it allows you to win huge sums of money.

For instance, if you bet on the game to be drawn in the first half and two-nil on the second half or at the end of 90 minutes, it surpasses the odds for a straight win or a half time bet alone. Therefore, it doubles or even triples the amount you should have won with a straight win.

Nevertheless, this bet also leads to high losing risks. With the best strategy, you will be able to predict two outcomes in one bet, one of which may not be correct. If the half time outcome does not conform to your prediction, the bet will lose even if you win the 90th-minute outcome. Therefore, this strategy increases your losing chances too.

4. Multi-Bet Strategy

The main objective of this betting strategy for football matches is to get vast combined odds. If you are an excellent bettor or gambler, you must have tried this some time back or even yesterday's games. The stronger teams are mostly given fewer odds, while the underdogs get more significant odds of winning. In such cases, the gamblers or bettors combine the small odds by betting on multiple games to boost the odds and win big in the long run. This is what is called multiple strategies.

This bet has the advantage of increasing the odds of winning and the ultimate amount of money you will win in the long run. Combining odds makes it easier for you to win a better amount of money each time you bet.
However, it is also a source of failure for your bets. Multi-bet is a source of failure because when one team fails, you are not likely to win the bet even if the others win all. For instance, if you place a multi-bet of five teams and one loses, you will not be given the remaining four games' winnings. This makes it a risky betting strategy. However, some bookmakers like 1XBet and Premier Bet are offering Zambian punters betting insurance for Jackpot Bets

Vital Takeaways

While many people or bettors have believed in the betting strategies and use them daily to bet, they are all bound to risks and only win with luck. All these strategies depend purely on luck and not any other experience that one might boast in the betting arena. The strategies are merely methods of being, which still does not help you earn consistent betting income.

win more football predictions with Zambia Tips

Therefore, it is for this reason that you need to consult an excellent football prediction site to assist you in-game analysis since this is the best strategy to bet. Whether you want to bet the handicap, the multi bet, or even the half time-full time bets, a mathematically analyzed prediction should be your best and priority.

Such betting prediction sites like the Zambia Tips are free and will always remain free to help you make the best move as far as betting is concerned. The websites conduct a purely mathematical analysis for the predictions hence adding on your confidence and boosting your winning chances regardless of the strategy of betting you choose.

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