Free vs. Paid! Should you ever pay for football predictions?

| 03.01.2021
Free vs. Paid! Should you ever pay for football predictions?

PAUSE! You really should have a rethink if you're intent on paying for football predictions. You probably must have been brainwashed by a sugar-coated pitch convincing you to splash your cash on 'fixed' football predictions. Still, I'm here to tell you to ditch that offer because it's all lies.

The beautiful game (football) is made for people who are passionate about it. The reasons you can bet on football games are for you to pick a team you're backing to come out on top in matches, put your money where your mouth is, and make yourself some extra cash.

Make Money Online Football Predictions

Some people buy predictions that have worked for them, but it's all a stroke of luck and nothing else. Millions of people fall into this trap and lose lots of money every day because of their eagerness to make huge winnings off bookmakers. It doesn't always end well, especially since most people would go all out and make high stakes on the predictions.

Websites charge bettors for betting tips and predictions as a result of nothing else but greed. Have you ever asked yourself, if this game I am paying is 100% certain, why can't the seller invest all he has and be productive? Your response should guide your decision, making either to buy or not.

Many of these websites charging you for football predictions go into the business to scam people and defraud them. I'll explain how.

How They Operate

These websites have different predictions for a particular game. When one person comes and pays for a prediction, he gets one of them, and when another person pays for theirs, they get another prediction.
For example, for a game like Neman vs. Zhodino, there are different possible outcomes to a single match, with various options to entice unsuspecting with. So knowing this, the sellers give out these different potential outcomes to as many buyers as possible. The picture below depicts exactly what paid prediction sites do.

It's always a win-win situation for the seller, while luck will shine on just a few clients depending on which option they get.
The lucky buyer's winning ticket would then be advertised to lure other unsuspecting clients and block off the unlucky ones from sharing their opinion.


  • They are a closed group.
  • They do not predict based on statistics.
  • They are dubious.
  • They prey on people's naivety.
  • All they care about is to feast on you.


Reasons to Desist from Paid Sites

Scam Alert Fake Predictions Sites

Some paid websites get tips from free sites to sell them to the vulnerable who only intend to make money from the sport they love.

So what are the reasons to desist from patronizing these predator websites that want to eat you dry? Well, here they are:

  1. You Make More Profit with Free Football Prediction Site
  2. Since the free sites don't charge you for predictions, you have a higher chance of making even more profits because you would have more funds to place bets.
  3. Both Sites Make Predictions
  4. Most paid prediction sites do not use any algorithm to make their predictions. Instead, they play on the emotions of their client; they know what you are looking for. For example, so will promise you “Sure 2 Odds Daily”. They supply you games they select from some free prediction sites that make use of big data algorithms that you have access to yourself.
  5. Save Your Money Instead

Some people empty their pockets and still go to the extent of borrowing money from friends to pay for football predictions. It would be best if you didn't get yourself into this.
Save your money instead, browse through the websites that offer these games for free, and make your stakes. The more money you save, the more money you have to place bets, and the higher your chances of winning.

You Don't Know These People Directly.

Now even if you're promised your cashback, if everything doesn't go well, there's no assurance that the promise will be fulfilled because you're not seeing them directly. You don't know where you can find them.
If everything eventually goes south, how then would you get your money back? Exactly. It's highly unlikely.

Protect Your Mental Health

Happy Couple Bets Won

Some people who fall for this trick end up paying large sums of money for the predictions, and still go on to stake high amounts on the bets. Putting these amounts together may result in a considerable sum. When all the money goes down the drain, the effect may take a toll on your mental health, and it's something you seriously don't want to go through.

How/Where Do I Find These Free Websites?

Well, that's where we come in. We have taken up the task of providing football predictions for you and assure you that we are not going to charge you a dime for it. We will be charging bookmakers money for punters who register with our link but are not going to ask regular people to make any payment whatsoever.

Have you also asked yourself why these paid websites don't make money themselves instead of compelling people to come to pay them for games?
Well, maybe you haven't. But if you have, what was the answer that crossed your mind? Yeah, I thought so too.

On our website, you would get an array of football predictions free of any charge that has been well analyzed with our big data algorithm's help. You get to decide how much money you're willing to place on the bets. To get access to these predictions, all you have to do is go to our bookmaker's section and use the link to complete your registration.


In conclusion, this article's essence is to reveal the dangers attached to paying for football predictions online when you can have the same luxury for no cost.
If you have indulged in purchasing 'fixed' match predictions in the past, you should understand what I'm talking about. If you haven't, it would be best you make it remain that way so that you don't suffer the attached consequences.

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