A Complete Guide to Football Predictions What You Need to Know in 2020

| 14.07.2020
A Complete Guide to Football Predictions What You Need to Know in 2020

Chapter 1: Football prediction basics

Football Stadium EPL Betting

No sport on the planet has as many fans as football, with half the worlds population tuning in to watch the 2018 world cup, football isn’t just popular it is an extremely exciting sport.

For as long as there has been football, there have always been people who make predictions about how a match would go, and for most of them, this adds to the fun of watching football.
There are several if not thousands of prediction websites and services out there on the internet, and based on what you want personally, you would find the right one for you if you look well enough. Firstly, before relying on prediction websites, it is essential to understand how they work. There are few ways prediction websites come about their predictions, these include;

• Prediction algorithms

A lot of football prediction websites produce their listed predictions through a computer algorithm system known only to them. Each prediction website has its own system, and the football predictions are based on match history, current standings, and relevant news. It is more or less an automated system with the computer getting to decide what could possibly go on in a match based on the data available to it.

• Individual punters making predictions

This method of football prediction formulation is probably the most popular. Here, prediction services produce predictions through actual people who are punters and, at times, experienced football specialists. These individuals take out time to make personal predictions. Most times, these punters are experienced owing to years of being involved with football and also having great know-how of the game.

• Match-fixing

Fixed matches scam

A few prediction sites claim to get their predictions by match-fixing experience, thereby displaying supposed fixed games that may or may not be legit. Most football prediction sites that offer fixed games clearly state that they do and oftentimes require users to get registered and even make payment before using the service. SCAM ALERT!

Chapter 2: Types of predictions

Anyone that watches a football match knows that just about anything can happen from an Olympic goal to a career-ending injury. There could even be a pitch invader, there are no limits to what can happen in a match, and in the same way, there are no limits to the types of predictions offered by different prediction sites around the world.
In this post, we will be taking a look at the various predictions offered by prediction sites, the symbols that represent them, and what they stand for. Some of the predictions common to any prediction site include

• Match winner

Whenever you see numbers in the format of 1/ 1X/ X/ 2X/ 2, it indicates that the game is being predicted based on which particular team out of the two teams would win the game. In soccer betting, the home team is indicated as ‘1’ while the away team is ‘2’. For example, if FC. Barcelona was to play arch-rivals Real Madrid at the Camp Nou (Barcelona at home), FC. Barcelona would be represented by ‘1’ while real Madrid would be ‘2’ on any bookmaker or football prediction site.
Not all matches go on to have winners sometimes after 90 minutes or more, both teams come out even, and this is known as a draw in football. Football prediction sites represent predictions signifying a draw with ‘X.’ 

• Double chance

1X2 football predictions

Some pundits like to play it safe, especially when they are not sure what team would win but believe that a particular team can’t lose. They then go with a win or draw bet known as a double chance. A win or draw bet can either be indicated by ‘1X- home win or draw' or ‘2X- away win or draw.’

• Over/under

O/u 0.5, o/u 1.5, o/u 2.5, o/u 3.5, o/u 4.5, o/u 5.5, o/u 6.5

Over and under predictions are very popular with football prediction sites. A number next to the o/u signifies a number of goals, and when they predict ‘O'-over that number, it means that in that match, they predict that more goals will be scored than that number. For instance, a display for over 0.5 means one or more goals. The same way a prediction of over 2.5 means that the prediction site believes that three or more goals would be scored in that match.
In the same way, if a prediction site has a recommendation of ‘under' a certain number, it means that they believe a lesser amount of goals will be scored in that match. For instance, under 6.5 means less than seven goals will be scored in the match, so if there is a total of 6 goals from both teams after the match is played, the prediction would be won.

Types of football predictions over under odds

• Halftime/ fulltime (HT/FT)

Half time/ fulltime bets follow the same format as to match-winner predictions, the only difference is that in this prediction, the results for halftime are predicted as well as the results for full-time. Let’s say they list 1/2 as the prediction, it simply means the home team would be winning by the end of halftime while at fulltime, the away team would make a comeback to win.
Another example would be X/1, where both teams draw at half time, and the home team goes on to win by fulltime.

• Home goals

This prediction indicates the number of goals the prediction site believes the home team would score in the match.

• Away goals

Same as the home goal prediction, this prediction indicates the number of goals the prediction site believes the away team would score.

• Both teams to score (BTS)

This is another popular type of prediction where two teams play, and the prediction site endorses both teams to score each other. This prediction usually happens when two teams that are known for always scoring play each other.

• One team to score (OTS)

Almost opposite the 'both teams to score' prediction. Here, the prediction site lists just one team to score out of the two teams playing.

• Correct score

Correct score predictions are one of the hardest predictions to make and to even win in online betting. Correct score predictions mean that the prediction site lists exactly what score the match would end at.
Depending on the prediction site you choose, there are different predictions offered based on the admins' preference. Still, these few listed above are the most commonly made predictions across all football prediction websites.

Chapter3: How to choose the best prediction site

Football Money

The road to making it big from football Betting starts with knowing the game, you could do that by watches more football matches, knowing every single team's style of play but it much easier when you have a reliable source of predictions at your fingertips, so you do not have to spend hours thinking about the bets you want to make.

Different football prediction sites have different styles of predicting matches, and depending on the kind of better you are and how often you place bets, choosing the best prediction site for you would be a blessing.
You can follow these easy steps to choose the best prediction site for you

• Sort through several football prediction website reviews

The best way to choose the best football prediction site for you would be to try as many out, but not everybody has the time or the know-how to carry that out.
We offer high-quality first-hand reviews of several football prediction websites while covering the pros and cons of each website. So if you are in the market for a good football prediction site but you want to get over it quickly, the easiest way would be to go through several reviews of some websites to know exactly what they have to offer.

• Ask other people about the prediction sites they use

Word of mouth in soccer can not be underestimated. We go to pubs, viewing centers, and online message boards just to watch and talk about football. In the same way, if you are looking for a good football prediction site, you can carve out time to ask friends, especially those that make wins from stakes what prediction site they use. You stand a higher chance of avoiding scam websites when you get referrals that have been tested by other people.

• Select a few prediction websites that suit you, max 5

After asking friends, reading website reviews, and going through some football prediction websites your self, the next thing to do would be to choose a few you can follow closely to see how often their predictions pull through and to also confirm they are not scams.
Before making bets on the predictions found on these sites, take time to follow them for about a week or two to see how things go.
Always be careful with football prediction websites that offer fixed games because some post up wins that are edited or false. Extra care should be taken when dealing with such websites.

• Choose the top prediction site and start betting

After your analysis of the prediction platforms for a week or two. The next thing to do would be to start making bets on the predictions from the top football prediction site you choose.
Bear in mind that football prediction websites can not see into the future they just post up predictions most likely to happen in their own opinion. Some games would be lost while some would be won, but the goal is to have many more wins than losses or no loss at all.

Chapter 4: Making long term profits from football betting

win football predictions Zambia Tips

For some people, football betting is a hobby, while for others, it is a lifestyle, but for a select few, football betting is a long term source of livelihood. There are different systems people use to male predictions, remember Paul, the octopus from the 2014 world cup? Sadly, most of us do not have a magical octopus, so we have to rely on other sure ways to make profits from football betting.

The first step to being a successful punter is to develop a quality betting system and stick to it religiously. That is the easiest way to make long term profits from football betting. Whatever plan you create as a punter should be in line with ‘value betting'. The value Betting principle assures you of a mathematical advantage to make gains over the odds set by bookies.
The value bet formula

Value bet = (bookie odds × probability(%)) -1/100

The value bet formula is used by successful punters to determine if the odd put up by a bookie actually represents the probability of that occurrence. Firstly, you generate the probability of the occurrence yourself then input it into the formula. If, after calculating, your result is greater than 1, then it is a value bet. If it is lesser than 1, then it is not a value bet, and it should be scrapped.

• Create your personal betting system

There are various results that could occur in a match apart from a draw or home and away wins. So depending on your forecasting strength, choose a particular aspect of the game and focus on it. It could be a number of corners, over/under goals, or even standard match winner bets depending on your bookmaker the bets possible are limitless.

Secondly, Choose the kind of bets you would want to focus on. There are singles, combinations, and multiple bets. With single bets, you stake on just one game hence the lower risk, while in multiple bets, you make several predictions that come together to make your ticket. You stand a chance to make more money from multiple bets because the odds of all the chosen games are multiplied to give a bigger final odd, and at times bonuses are added when you bet over a certain number of games. Multiple bets come at higher risk because even if you have ten bets on a ticket and you lose just one, the ticket would be void immediately.

• Focus all your betting attention on one league

By betting solely in one football league, you stand a chance to master all the salient details of that league. Instead of spending more time spreading your wings all over. Like the saying goes, Jack of all trades, master of none.

• Bet with fixed amounts or stakes

I can stress this enough. Do not bet away your hard-earned money without a plan. Bookies make millions daily from people who go all out without a plan, so based on your financial strength, make up a betting budget and adhere to it strictly.

• Patronize only the best prediction sites

If you follow up on poor predictions, you’ll end up with all your money in the gutter. So try to avoid prediction sites that are not credible or sites with a very low win percentage. We have several prediction site reviews to help you decide which one is the best for you.

• Put your betting system to the test

Experiment with everything you learn. Each stake lost, each bet won is a lesson, so try out different betting systems and see which one works best for you. With this guide, you are certainly on the road to making a lot of money from football betting.

Chapter 5: How to avoid being scammed on prediction sites


The football prediction world is full of scam artists that promise huge unrealistic profits for staking on their “special predictions.” We will be covering the various ways these scammers operate and how not to get caught unawares.
There are various forms of prediction scams, but we’ll be highlighting the major formats

• Fixed games

This is perhaps the easiest way to get scammed through football predictions. Fixed matches are real, yes they are. With big teams like the Italian giants Juventus and French Lillie being implicated in the past. But often than not, most fixed games listed by some shady prediction sites are actually 100% false, and more people trying to make money from fixed games lose out than any other football prediction scam.

How do fixed games happen? Fixed games occur through match-fixing, where one or more of the individuals participating in a match have been paid off to influence the final match result. It could be the referee, the coaches, a player, or even an entire team.

match Fixing Board

Firstly, any fixed game listed in one of the top leagues today is an absolute scam. Due to strict regulations, most big teams or medium-sized teams are under heavy watch for match-fixing, and with the risk of relegation as punishment, possible imprisonment, and large fines going into millions, most teams and individuals stay away from match-fixing. So if you see a prediction site listing a Manchester vs. Chelsea game as fixed, that’s a 100% scam.
Here is an example of a popular fixes game format.

A scammer would run ads on the internet claiming to be connected and have access to legit fixed games, they run these ads on prediction sites, a fixed game dedicated websites and through social media like Telegram and WhatsApp.
So when the scammer gets about l30 people, he forecasts that a particular game will end with a home win to 10 people, then tells another ten it will be a draw while telling the last ten people it would be an away win. Twenty people lose out after the game is played while ten people win the bet thinking that the scammers fixed game is legit. The scammer then bills the ten that won the game more money to have access to a new prediction, and to believe that he is legit, they pay even more, and he continues the permutation to the last victim is ripped off.

• Computer prediction program

Technology is wonderful. The world of online football betting would not be possible without the kind of tech we have today. Sadly, scammers use this technology to rip off unsuspecting pundits. The latest scam in town involves scammers offering computer software that uses certain algorithms to make quality predictions, which end up going bad for those that rely on them.
The scammers claim that software makes predictions based on historical standing and current state (information you can source yourself).

• Ghost games

This is where things get a little bit tricky. Ghost games simply put are matches listed on betting sites or bookmakers, which are fake and would not occur.
What happens with ghost games is that most times, the companies providing football fixtures or information are hacked, and they send mistakenly a fake match which is played normally, but it displays two different teams, or it could be a match that was never going to occur at all.

The bookmaker industry loses millions of dollars to ghost games with the punters also losing their hard earn money.
Bookmakers try as much as possible to cover games from diverse markets, so ghost games happen usually in very small leagues that are not that popular, making it easy for the bookmakers to make a mistake.
Luckily ghost games don’t occur that often and when they do, the bookmakers at times have to take the loss and payout or refund stakes back to customers.

• Betting syndicates

Here the scammer convinces peoples to join a group or betting syndicate where they have to pay to get into, and then the scammer claims to make predictions for them and even asks them to make ongoing payments to maintain their balance. Beware of people claiming to have sport tips that bring in outrageous profits.

In today’s betting world, it's hard to avoid getting scammed when you don’t do your own forecast, but we have good news for you. On our website, we have several reviews of sure prediction sites and what they have to offer. One more thing, though, with football betting, you have to avoid being greedy, and if a prediction looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Chapter 6: Choosing the right bookmaker

Money football stadium betting

Just like choosing the right football prediction site, the choice about what bookmaker to trust with all your money is just as important, if not more. There are certain features to look for in a good bookie to make your choice Easier some of them include;

• Markets offered

A big criterion for picking a bookmaker to make bets on and money from is the number of markets they cover. The more markets a bookie has, the more options you have when making bets. Some bookmakers cover not just the major leagues but also cover other smaller, less popular leagues.
Also, under markets offered, it is very important to put into consideration the variety of predictions you are allowed to make from the number of corners, draw-no-bet, double chance, the possibilities are limitless, so when choosing a bookie, pick one that offers as many markets as possible.

• Deposit and withdrawal method

Some bookmakers offer several methods for deposits from credit card linking to quickteller. Try and choose a bookmaker that offers the payment methods available to you to avoid issues while trying to make deposits. Withdrawals are where bookmakers can either make their trust or lose it. Beware of bookmakers requiring an unreasonable balance before withdrawals can be made and bookmakers that take too long to transfer funds to your account. Also, this is where bookmaker reviews are so important because scam bookies are usually the ones that have issues paying funds back to users. So take time to go through user reviews of a particular bookie from a good source before investing.

• Bookmaker payout margin

Now here comes the money part of soccer betting. When you make a bet or several bets on a bookmakers platform, the odds of each prediction are computed and could be added as singles or as multiples. With multiples, you get access to accumulators where the bets are added and on, and they offer bonuses with the more games you add to your ticket.
All bookies do not display the same odds; less popular bookmakers have higher odds to attract new customers while established popular bookmakers usually have smaller odds. A bookmaker could list a home win with an odd of 1.50 while another company could list that same prediction with an odd of 2.0, it all depends on that particular bookmaker's algorithm when their analysis of that prediction is made.
Consequently, some bookies payout more on multiple bets than others while some prefer to add on bonuses, you should consider when choosing a bookie to work with.

• Minimum bet stake allowed

Depending on your system, whether you are a penny pincher or a high roller, every bookie has a minimum amount of funds you can bet with. So you have to put this into consideration when creating a betting system or choosing a bookie.

• Ease of User interface

How easy it is to use a particular betting website is important because the smoother the platform is to use, the better the experience. So a bookie with online ads that block everywhere while trying to place a bet would be a bad choice.
Also, a bookie with hard to read font and pages that take forever to load would also be a no go area. Depending on preference, take time to see which bookmakers platform is the easiest for you to access and use, that should be your best bet.

• Level of customer support

This is a very important criterion, especially when there are mistakes or errors in the system like delayed withdrawals or deposits that take forever to reflect in your betting account. Bookmakers that have excellent customer care show that they value you, the customer, and even if any problem occurs while making bets, it would be easy to resolve. As a rule of thumb, it is better to work with bookies that offer good customer support.

• Reputation

Bookmakers with good reputations often are the best place to put your money because you can be assured that you won’t get scammed. Also, with reputable bookies, you feel more at ease knowing that your money is safe and that you would get the best soccer betting experience possible. We have reviewed a couple of reputable bookies here on our website for you to make your pick from because when money is involved, a companies reputation is very important.

In the end, choosing a good bookie doesn’t mean just one bookie, any bet you make would be dependent on getting the best odds. For a full betting experience, we recommend you have at least three active accounts so you can have enough options. We have reviewed several bookmakers, and the best three overall we would recommend are:

  1. Betway
  2. 1XBet
  3. Premier Bet


Football predictions have been around for years from the days of Pele and Maradona to the reign of Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in EPL fixtures, football predictions, and Betting is here to stay. There are good sites where people can get premium-quality predictions they can use to make stakes.

zambia tips logo money girl

To get the best out of football predictions, all you have to do is to use Zambia Tips website for FREE!

Also, bear in mind that a lot of people lose money from false predictions and fraudulent bookies, so you have to be careful when choosing the right bookie before investing your hard-earned money. So stay safe and stake safer, for sure, after reading this write up, it doesn’t matter if you are betting with a gut feeling or on hardcore facts you are guaranteed to make gains.

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