Forbet VS Statarea - Should you be using one of those prediction websites?

| 14.07.2020
Forbet VS Statarea - Should you be using one of those prediction websites?

Forebet and Statarea are among the most popular prediction websites in the world. They both stand out with their separate unique features, but they both have practically the same goal of providing high probability bets for their customers.

Perhaps, you are interested in using a prediction site before you place your wagers – these are among the popular names that would come to mind. Before you choose any of these sites, you should take your time, and get enough information to know if they are suitable for you at all.

So, you probably know what a prediction site is already. You’ve probably used one in the past that failed terribly failed you. Or are you new to the whole idea of using a prediction site, and you want to know how to choose? This article is for you because it has reviewed some of the big names in the business. This review should help you judge by yourself whether you should be using one of these sites or maybe something else to make your predictions.


Forebet screenshot

When it comes to analysis, Forebet and Statarea have their differences. On Forebet, matches are predicted solely by the site’s mathematical algorithms. But, that is quite different in Statarea. Here, the users make the forecasts. Bettors can log in to the site, and share their predictions for trending match fixtures. Regular visitors can then read comments and vote for the predictions they agree with. What the site does is to simply display the average predictions of all the users. While some punters value computer-generated predictions, others tend to value people's opinions more. It all depends on what you find most useful.


Forebet Menu screenshot

This is another important feature you should know about. The Forebet site has a pretty straight-forward and easy to navigate interface. The Statarea site, on the other hand, is not so straight-forward for a new visitor. On the Forebet site, enough information is given for every prediction. They show you all the stats you need to see before a match. The site has a large database of over 200 leagues, and they guarantee their safe predictions based on their explicit data analysis. Likewise, on Statarea, users that give predictions can give reasons for making their predictions. You can read these speculations, other visitors comments and have a broad overview of other bettors’ forecasts of a game. Because the site is used across several countries, they have a large community of bettors that give forecasts across different leagues.

Statarea Screenshot


One thing that can make these sites unpleasant for some users is the number of ads you find. They practically are the same when it comes to ad placement. Although, Statarea can be said to have more ads on their site than Forebet. But, when you get used to the sites, the ads no longer serve as an issue.


When it comes to the quality of content, both sites have a pretty high content quality. Both sites do well to provide articles and betting tips regularly to their visitors. They both make it possible for you to view live scores as well as relevant soccer news to trending matches. Statarea also has an interesting feature of displaying TV schedules for different matches. So, if you don't know what channel to watch a match, Statarea can help.


Both of these sites have been in the business for a couple of years now, and have both had an increasing level of success in the past few years. Both have had a good number of testimonials, and as you could have guessed, they have both had their fair share of bad reviews from a few angry customers.


Just like these sites, for us at Zambia Tips, the goal remains is to increase the profits of our users by providing high probability bets that can guarantee you more betting wins. With cutting edge technology and complex data analysis, we hope to make gambling profitable for many bettors.

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