How You Can Find and Use Value Bets for Football Wagers

| 14.07.2020
How You Can Find and Use Value Bets for Football Wagers

While most people connect value betting with poker, the reality is that it is as successful of a strategy when betting on football as it is in card games. When understanding the principles behind value betting, it is a great way to improve your chances for making a successful wager, obviously meaning you are going to earn more money.

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So, What Is Value Betting?

What value betting means is that you are looking for inefficiencies or errors. We will call them in the football betting market. This means you are looking for those value bets where the odds on the outcome of a match do not really reflect what the outcome will be. In essence, you are looking for those bets where you have a much larger chance of winning than what the bookmakers expect.

How Do I Find Value Bets?

This probably sounds really good, but the question that many are going to have is how you find these kinds of bets? These oddsmakers spend a significant amount of time and have massive data and scientifically tested algorithms to support their conclusions. Thus, it would seem unlikely that the bookmakers would be significantly off in their prediction.

That would seem to be the case, but there are instances where you can find those mistakes and profit from them. It is all about understanding how to improve your chances of winning.
To be successful, you are going to have to do some serious homework on your own. You will have to spend some time creating your own predictions and determining the likelihood of chances that one team will defeat another.

Let’s explain how this works. Let’s say that for today’s football match that the football prediction of Barcelona winning is 2.50. That means there is a 40% chance that they are likely to win. However, in doing your research, you have concluded that they have a 50% chance of winning.

Now, we use this simple formula:

(Your Percentage x 2.50) – 100 = Improved Odds
In this case, the formula would be (50 x 2.50) – 100 = 25%
This means you believe there is a 25% chance that you are more likely to be right than what the oddsmakers had put the odds at.

How Do I Detect These Value Bets?

Now that you understand the principles behind determining what looks like a good value bet, the next step is to figure out what actually is one. This is where your research is going to come in handy.

You need to go and do some serious research on each contest you are interested in placing a wager upon. This means looking at betting tips, analysis, updated reports, and other sources of information. There are s some good sites out there that provide you with free information regarding football matches, places such as Zambia Tips.

Value Bet Zambia Tips

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Sites like this are a great place to go because the information provided is free. You can check to see how well they are doing at providing predictions at no cost to you. This lets you know if it is a worthwhile place to find information.
You can then either use their predictions or come up with your own. Either way, what you are looking to do is compare those odds versus what has been provided by bookmakers. The higher the percentage that you find, the better the value that bet is.

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This is not an easy process. You must put in some time but, if you do so, you can come up with some real winners. You need to realize that there are people who are already succeeding in doing this very thing. So, why not you?

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