Zambian Punters Love To Use Football Prediction Sites – Here Are The Top 5 Sites.

| 13.07.2020
Zambian Punters Love To Use Football Prediction Sites – Here Are The Top 5 Sites.

Everybody likes to win. That is whey punters are taking the necessary precautions to make the most out of their betting. With the advancement in technology, you have more tools to make calculated decisions. Information is your ammunition. And this where betting prediction sites come in. 

Football prediction sites provide punters with insightful information and tips to help them make well-informed decisions. Big data algorithms, statistical models, and artificial intelligence have gained traction in football prediction. Here are the top 5 sites on top of every Zambian punter mind, from tailored content to high-end international sites out there.

1. Zambia Tips 

Zambia Tips Screenshot mobile

Zambia Tips use a robust algorithm to predict football matches with an 85% prediction success rate. Probably this is why the site is so popular. It provides a comprehensive prediction for all major football leagues across the globe. What is more interesting, the site is free. Besides, the site tabularizes the stats for matches happening not just for that day but also for the days before and for the coming days. Giving you the information you need to stay on top of the pack. Their analysis of the match is well detailed. You can expect to see:

  • A detailed comparison of the particulars such as form, attacking, defending, head to head, and goals head to head.
  • Tips on the winning probabilities of the teams.
  • Other predictions for the Winner, Under/Over market.

zambia tips make money

It is the only football prediction that I have seen providing direct contacts for punters to reach them. If you have a query, you can contact them through Facebook. Check out the site at

2. Statarea

Statarea screenshot

Similar to Zambia Tips, this site offers a whole range of football leagues to explore. From local leagues in Zambia to the English Premier League and Italy Series A, be the guest. One feature I like about the site is that you can go straight to type in the match to get predictions and customize the factors that affect the predictions. For example, the country's league's rank is not a compelling factor to consider for some matches for top leagues that have many international players. By checking out some of the factors that you consider not very important, your prediction is hyper-focused based on how you want to place your bet.

They also provide information on all FIFA World Cup matches since 1930. It is funny that they don't have the latest 2018 FIFA World Cup Match between France and Uruguay. But anyway, back to our list.

3. Forebet

Forebet Screenshot

Forebet is a well-advanced site that shows you all the exciting things for enthusiast punters. The site is reasonably appealing to the eye and easy to follow, especially for new punters. They have a list of the top matches on the first page; they also make it easy to check previous predictions as well as for the upcoming events. They have exclusive predictions for the weekend that list all the significant matches happening over the weekend, keeping you ahead of the game. I am not sure how you like the Weather Conditions info prediction, but it goes to show how this site is going over and above and taking the information seriously. Can I bet on weather conditions?

Now back to business. The other thing that is quite interesting about the site is that it also provides predictions for esoccer. With only a small amount of live sport being played during the coronavirus lockdown, eSports makes it interesting for punters worldwide.

4. Victors predict

Victor Predicts logo

If you have been looking for a site that offers more than just football predictions, then Victor predictions should be on your list. They provide free football tips and predictions for football fans worldwide, free analysis, and latest results, and league tables. Besides football, they offer a detailed analysis of other matches like Tennis, Basketball, Handball, and Ice Hockey. They are also big on live scores and sports news from around the globe. However, the live score tabs redirect you to another site, so it is not certain who owns the information. The website seems to offer much more than many free football prediction sites. However, you need to register first to see tabulations and analysis. Besides the free package, they also offer other packages such as silver and gold plans, giving serious bettors exclusive betting tips.

5. Zulubet

zulubet screenshot

The first thing you notice about this site is the simplicity. It is easy to pass it on, as the first thing only thing you see on the homepage is a list of football matches and several columns of analysis on the left. However, this site offers a detailed review of the game. Once you select the match, it takes you into another page where you see all the analysis of each team, including their average goals, how they have performed in about eight over/under markets, and total goals overtime. The site is 100% free for bettors and provides not only the analysis for the matches of the day but also previous and upcoming ones. Additionally, the sites provide translations to about 26 different languages, positioning itself for the global audience.

There you have it; these are the list of top 5 for your taking. With technology, these sites are becoming more advanced. It is a sure way of going before placing your bets. Betting sites are also using the technology to make tip you over. Today’s punters know that the only way to increase their chances of making money is with the help of a tipster to help match the knowledge of the bookies: Smart, football predictions, and betting. Good luck.

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