Vitibet has become extremely popular in Zambia. Is it for a good reason?

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| 08.07.2020
Vitibet has become extremely popular in Zambia. Is it for a good reason?

Why Vitibet is so popular in Zambia?

One of the growing trends for betting prediction sites is to calculate the probability of one team or person winning an event based upon statistics. Vitibet is one such site using these algorithms, statistics, and data to make predictions.

Many users have come to view the sites as excellent and trustworthy places to find predictions on their favorite sporting events, whether football, basketball, handball, ice hockey, or other sports. By using Vitibet, it has given the citizens of Zambia a website where they can find these predictions based upon these types of algorithms.

VITIBET screenshot homepage

How the Site Works

Included on the site is a breakdown based upon the percentage of the likelihood for a team to win or play to a draw. There is also a breakdown based upon the winning percentage for the home team. These percentages have been developed using a wide range of statistics. Tips and predictions are made based upon the figures.

In determining their percentages, two major components are used to help decide on their mathematical algorithm. This allows the Vitibet site to create a power ranking for each team based on their results versus the respective teams in the league and against who they will play that night.

Also, home and away statistics are measured separately from that of the individual teams. This is done to determine what kind of factor home-away plays in determining the outcomes of games regardless of the combatants.
This information is then run through a unique set of algorithms to create the most likely outcome regardless of whether you are looking for the best hockey, handball, basketball, or football prediction. Not only are probabilities for victories determined, but over/under is also calculated and provided.

Easy to Find What You Want

The betting tips are available in 20 different languages. This is one of the primary reasons why the site has become so popular. The site is easy to navigate, and the information is readily available.
The site is broken down to enable users to quickly find the information for their sport of choice. If football is what you are looking for, you can easily find the days probabilities for every league in play for that day. Every contest is included, no matter whether you are talking about the English Premier League or the Latvian Virsliga. Vitibet has done a thorough job of providing football predictions for every major league.

vitibet predictions screenshot

Can You Count on the Predictions?

While this all sounds great and looks like the information provided is quite detailed, the primary question that people would have is if this works? In examining their record of success, it seems like users can...sort of. There’s a big BUT because we’re not completely clear on how the predictions are generated and what is the actual track record. Also, there’s a fair portion of the negative feedback across the internet.

It Makes Perfect Sense to Try It Our Website

Check out, which has quickly established itself as one of the most reliable and trustworthy websites for this kind of information. In fact, the success rate of their algorithms is so good that they predict the right results better than 85% of the time.

zambia tips logo girl

Gamblers are always looking for that edge. Some ways to improve the odds for themselves. It appears from the data provided that Zambia Tips can do just that.
Working with an established company, the site can provide accurate and timely information to benefit users. The information is provided free of charge, allowing users to put the company to the test. They can monitor the accuracy of these predictions and see whether Zambia Tips is delivering on their promises. It’s giving users a lot of confidence that they can trust the site.

Because we can analyze the data and information from all the major leagues across the globe, users can trust the predictions. Information is provided in real-time as well, meaning that if algorithms determine a different result minutes before a contest, those results would be displayed.


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