Football prediction sites are becoming more advanced - why Zambian bookies are afraid?

| 08.07.2020
Football prediction sites are becoming more advanced - why Zambian bookies are afraid?

The primary objective of betting is to earn money. Even the bookmakers are out to make money. In most cases, bookies have the edge over punters. Why? Because they have a comprehensive knowledge of football and inside information of tournaments. Besides, bookies keep track of the performance of teams and players.

Most successful bettors rely on tips for winning. And this is where the football prediction sites come in. Prediction sites provide punters with insightful information and advice to help them make a well-informed decision and increase their probability of winning. Bettors know that it is only with a tipster that they can match the knowledge and experience of bookies.

This article will explore how Zambian football prediction sites use data algorithms, artificial intelligence, and statistical models to guide enthusiast football punters while giving bookies a run for their money. One such place is

A glance at

Zambia Tips Logo provides a comprehensive prediction for punters and tips to guide you with the best betting strategy. Importantly, the site uses a robust algorithm yielding over 85% prediction success rates. It covers some of the most significant football leagues in the world, so you can catch what interesting every day is.

Let's talk about this advanced technology.

Artificial Intelligence

smart guy calculating football predictions

Recently, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have gained a lot of traction in the football world. In prediction, AI-based systems pair human analysts with deep neural networks. With a proper data set and a specific technique for a sport's choice, it is possible to achieve high accuracy predicting the outcome of a football match, even better than the domain experts. And this is what current prediction sites like are leveraging on.
So, how does it correctly work?
The application of machine learning produces a system with the ability to learn from experience and improve over time. With current advanced technology, machine learning can access and process the data needed to make decisions and predict outcomes. Artificial intelligence application in other fields is widely successful. There is no doubt that it will shape the future of football predictions.

Big Data Algorithms

An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for calculations used for tasks such as calculations, data processing, and automated reasoning. In football prediction, more than 50 parameters go into consideration in the prediction process. For one to get the best betting tips, prediction sites use a mix of statistical and empirical methods to predict the match's expected winner. Each match information and prediction is kept on record and stored in an archive. It is used to further process data, test, and improve the football prediction algorithm performance. With a lot of knowledge advancements in the football prediction world, predictions are becoming more accurate. The punters are at an advantaged position to use this information for their betting.

Here are the basics of how the algorithm works:

  1. Use of probability theory
  2. Probability distribution
  3. Analyzing numerous factors that influence the outcome of a football match. The factors include past results, Home/Away performances, Scored/ conceded goals/ form distributions, Head to head games, and standard deviation.
  4. Constantly improving and evolving.

Statistical Models

The goal of statistical match prediction is to outperform the prediction of bookmarkers, who use them to set odds on the outcome of football matches. One of the commonly used approaches in prediction is ranking. The odds of winning are high in a team that is generally on a higher rank. Other forms of statistical models include rating systems, Poisson distribution, and a contrary binomial distribution. Again, there is a vast amount of available data that prediction sites make their prediction tips.

Prediction sites such as continue to use data to their advantage in their football predictions and betting tips that they provide to punters. Information about line-ups, the teams and league models, and previous statistical models all improve the accuracy of the predictions. There is no reason you should not check out prediction sites to enhance your betting experience and increase the odds of winning and beating the bookies. Check out the site here to learn more.

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